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Working Groups & Task Forces

Working Groups & Task Forces

From time to time, the Board of Directors may appoint a group of community members to research, deliberate, or develop specific proposals related to an issue affecting Reston. These ad hoc panels, called either Working Groups or Task Forces, are convened on a time-limited basis for a specific purpose determined by the Board of Directors. Below is a list of current Working Groups and Task Forces. Please look to the right column for copies of meeting minutes and agendas.

Pedestrian Lighting Working Group

The purpose of the Pedestrian Lighting Working Group is to provide the Reston Association Board of Directors, by November 2016, with suggested requirements for an RFP for the development of a Comprehensive Lighting Plan for Reston that will include but not be limited to:

1.  The conduct of a feasibility study that considers such items as safety, accessibility and uniformity.

2.  The development of “contextual application guidelines” for lighting.

3.  Prioritization of pedestrian lighting in the community – common areas including pathways and recreational amenities, transit station areas and clusters.

hook road working group

On July 27, 2017, the Reston Association Board of Directors approved the formation of the Hook Road Working Group.

The purpose of the Hook Road Working Group is to provide the RA board, by February 2018, with recommendations for implementing improvements to the Hook Road Recreation Area that affect both park users and adjacent property owners after a series of public input meetings in coordination with the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee and selected project design firm. Specifically, the working group objectives are to provide recommendations that would:

1. Enhance the use of Hook Road Recreation Area through facility renovations and improvements including but not limited to parking solutions, restroom facility additions, and evaluation of existing amenities.
2. Improve landscaping and hardscaping.
3. Increase ADA accessibility.
4. Fit within budget constraints set by the Board of Directors.

Anyone interested in serving on the working group may email Your input is invaluable and we look forward to your attendance at these important meetings and possible participation in the working group.

For more information on the recreation area project, go to the Hook Road Recreation Area page.

Lakes, Docks and Boats Working Group

On March 22, 2018, the Reston Association Board of Directors approved the formation of a working group to provide recommendations regarding the association’s policies on lakes, docks and boats. The group is tasked with providing suggestions to the board about amending related governing documents.

The working group’s objectives are as follows:
1. Examine the number and types of boats and docks currently on each of the association’s lakes and ponds.
2. Identify any and all environmental impacts docks and boats have on the association’s lakes and ponds.
3. Hold focus groups and public meetings to obtain input from lakefront property owners as well as other RA members.
4. Review all the current governing documents on lakes, docks and boats.
5. Recommend amendments to the governing documents.
6. Identify the impact of RA rules on lakes, docks, and boats on the lakeside property owners’ use of their properties.
7. Identify enforcement issues, especially from the perspective of lakeside property owners and RA staff.
8. Recommend a plan for possible amendments to the governing documents that best resolve issues in objectives 1-7.