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Strategic Plan

2020-2022 Strategic Plan


Reston Association's 2020-2022 Strategic Plan is the product of a significant collaborative effort led by the RA Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team and volunteer leaders from RA's committees. The plan was formally adopted by the Board of Directors on Dec. 19, 2019. The plan functions as a road map for the direction of the association and guides both planning and budget development processes during its two-year lifespan. Click the image below to download the entire strategic plan for 2020-2022.

Areas of Focus/Goals*

  • Reston Association's sources for annual revenue are growing and becoming more diverse with a focus on non-assessment income growth.
  • Reston Association is viewed as a "workplace of choice" by current and potential employees.
  • Reston Association has a clear, strong and compelling external community presence.
  • Reston Association will strive preserve and increase homeowners' property values.
  • As an organization, Reston Association focuses on innovation and outstanding customer relationship management.
  • The Reston community has pride in Reston Association.
  • Reston Association's facilities, programs and services are aligned with members' needs and wants, are supported by sustainable business practices and are in coordination with the organization's financial capacity.

* Download the full plan to read what the objectives and key performance indicators for each of the above goals.

Services and Amenities

In the fall of 2019, Reston Association hired a firm to conduct a brand and market position study. Approximately 1,600 members and stakeholders participated in the survey conducted by The Brand Consultancy, which measured how RA was perceived, what the organization could be doing better and what services and amenities were most important. The study also determined what new services and amenities were wanted by Reston residents. Some of the top choices for new initiatives included food festivals, seasonal concerts and a "Celebrate Reston" event. (For a complete list of top-tier member request, please download the full strategic plan.) During the 2020-2022 strategic plan timeframe, RA will implement the member suggestions and improvements.

Read more about the brand and market position study by clicking here.

Organizational Pillars

While Reston Association will move forward with new and innovative projects, we also remain committed to key organizational pillars. Those three pillars are as follows:

Preservation Driven: By helping make Reston a better place to live and continuously elevating its curb appeal, recreational offerings, and greener ways of operating, we preserve Reston’s founding principles, home values, and the environment, while sustaining community pride.

Community Inspired: RA is where far-reaching ideas become community realities. By championing the desires of those who live, work and play here, we offer more than innovative amenities — we offer continuous inspiration.

Value Focused: A circle of value. That’s what Reston Association creates. We will remain easy to work with and incredibly responsive, we will strive to continue to offer elevated experiences that are grounded in well priced realities. We make a commitment that every member and visitor not only get value from, but also feels valued by Reston Association.