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Storm Drain Marking Project

Storm Drain Marking Project

What can you do to protect local streams, lakes and the Chesapeake Bay?

The storm drain marking project is an outreach campaign to improve the water quality of Reston’s streams and lakes. The project alerts people about how storm water entering drains goes directly into Reston’s streams. Markers are just one way to prevent trash and pollution from entering Reston’s streams and lakes.

Storm drains are designed to prevent flooding of roads and neighborhoods by carrying rain and snow melt away from streets and sidewalks. Unlike water from our taps and tub, water flowing into storm drains is not treated. Trash, pet waste, motor oil, paint and other materials dumped or washed into storm drains pollute our lakes, Difficult Run and Chesapeake Bay.

Who is funding this project?

Markers are currently funded by the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Service, and co-sponsored by the Northern VA Soil and Water Conservation District.

There are roughly 4000 drains in Reston. Our goal is to mark each one. In 2006, 785 markers were applied by two Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout groups, Counselor in Training campers and other cluster volunteers.

RA received a permit from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to accomplish the Storm Drain Marking Project on all VDOT-maintained drains. We encourage management companies and clusters that are responsible for privately maintained drains to participate in the project.

Why are we participating in the project?

After continuous reporting of hazardous and illegal dumping, we became more concerned about trash entering Reston’s streams and threatening its beauty and wildlife. We encourage everyone to take part in the Storm Drain Marking Project to help protect the water quality of Reston’s streams and lakes.

Email Will Peterson, Watershed Manager, at with your interest.