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Giving Back to Reston

Developer Options for Giving Back to Reston


As part of the Fairfax County land development process, there are many requirements placed upon developers that are found in county regulations. Additionally, development and redevelopment must be in conformance with the adopted Comprehensive Plan, which serves as a guide for development. In development and redevelopment projects where a rezoning is required, developers may negotiate proffers, which are written conditions, which, when offered voluntarily by a property owner and accepted by the Board of Supervisors in a rezoning action, become legally binding conditions, which are in addition to the zoning district regulations applicable to a specific property. Proffers may be offered to further community and/or Comprehensive Plan goals. Reston Association may be and has been the beneficiary of proffers, which further Reston’s Association’s Essential Elements and current initiatives, as discussed below.

Current RA Initiatives

Opportunities for developer contributions toward community initiatives include the following: 

  • Landscape and facility enhancements (e.g. Pony Barn Pavilion renovation, tennis enclosure, ballfield improvements)

  • Pathway missing links and/or lighting

  • Bicycle racks

  • Recycling bins at all Reston Association facilities

Coming Soon: Reston Association’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee is in the process of conducting a needs assessment for recreation and open space in Reston. Recommendations and conclusions from the research will be available in the summer of 2016, expanding the list above.


Reston’s Urban Park System

As stated in the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan, a wide array of parks, recreation and cultural amenities will be combined to form an urban park system along the Reston Transit Station Area. The following eleven amenities were identified as core needs for Reston’s Urban Park System and its seamless integration into what exists today:

  • Trails: Non-motorized connections for recreational and transportation purposes, linking TSA areas with each other and to the rest of Reston community.

  • Parkland (local): A range of types of publicly-accessible urban parkland, including pocket parks, common greens, civic plazas, recreation-focused parks, and linear parks. Please see the Urban Parks Framework in the Policy Plan, Parks and Recreation section for detailed descriptions of urban park types and typical amenities.

  • Playgrounds: Includes neighborhood-scale playgrounds as well as one destination playground.

  • Sports Courts: Multi-use and single-use hard-surfaced courts, incorporated into developments and local parks.

  • Athletic Fields: Diamond and rectangle fields for a wide variety of scheduled and unscheduled sport play for all age groups. As appropriate, fields should have synthetic turf and lights to ensure maximum playing capacity. While land for new fields will be needed, capacity-enhancing upgrades to nearby athletic fields may also be an option.

  • Dog Exercise Areas and Parks: Areas of varying sizes for on-leash and off-leash dog walking and exercise. Would include informal exercise areas (on-leash) as well as urban scale off-leash areas. Inclusion of a larger, more suburban scale off-leash area is also appropriate.

  • Memorial Garden of Reflection (outdoor): An outdoor memorial sculpture garden, a special place where one can go to remember and memorialize loved ones.

  • Public Art: Incorporated as distinct features as well as part of architecture, public space and amenities.

  • Indoor Aquatic Facility: Large-scale destination facility providing indoor aquatic and fitness recreation, to include family friendly pool with water features, and/or competitive swimming (50meter) as well as other indoor recreation facility features.

  • Indoor Tennis Facility: Indoor tennis facility to accommodate recreational and competitive play.

  • Indoor Performance Center: Performing arts venue that can support large-footprint music and dance organizations. Preferred location is within walking distance of a transit station (e.g., within Reston Town Center), near other entertainment activity (e.g., dining, retail) with opportunities for shared parking. 

The Friends of Reston for Community Projects

The Friends of Reston is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support Reston Association in performing charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. Contributions to the Friends of Reston are tax-deductible and can be directed toward specific community projects and initiatives.

For more information on how to give back to Reston, please email