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The recently adopted Reston Comprehensive Plan strongly encourages any new residential development or redevelopment to be integrated into the Reston community by bringing the new residences into Reston Association through a supplementary declaration. As outlined below, there are various options to consider when subjecting properties to RA covenants. Properties already subject to RA covenants are described at the bottom of this section.


Model 1: Non-PRC Land

On property that is not already subject to the Reston Deed of Dedication, developers interested in obtaining membership with Reston Association will follow the process of adding real property to the association as outlined in Section II.2 of the Reston Deed. Specifically, with the written consent of the fee simple owner and any holder of a deed of trust on such real estate, and a two-thirds vote of the RA Board of Directors during a meeting in which a quorum is present, the Association may submit real estate to the provisions of the Reston Deed and the jurisdiction of the association. Under this model, developers may consider the following options:


1.  Project/development owner pays a lump sum (often pursuant to proffer) and/or other initiation fee.
2.  Development may be subject to some or all of the provisions of the RA Deed through a supplemental declaration.
3.  Owner will pay annual assessment per residential unit owned, as negotiated.
4.  In the case of rental apartments, the owner is considered a Category B Member - Multifamily Dwelling - with voting rights for Designated Director Election, deed amendments, and common area referenda; in the case of a condominium, each owner of a unit is considered a Category A member with specified voting rights pursuant to the RA Deed.

5. In the case of rental apartments where the owner pays an annual assessment per apartment, apartment occupants could be considered Category C members (occupants) with rights to run for the board of directors and vote in board elections.

6.  For an annual fee, RA administers the development’s Design Guidelines under a separate architectural board of review.
7.  For an annual fee, RA could agree to provide development owner with onsite common area maintenance/landscaping/snow-removal services and/or recreational programming.

Options 1 is required of each addition to property agreement made with land owners and developers, while the remaining options are negotiable.


Model 2: PRC Land

For owners of property that is already subject to the Reston Deed, the owners and occupants of the property are considered Category A or B or C Members of the association with all rights and responsibilities delineated in the Reston Deed. The owner will pay the full annual assessment for each unit, and design guidelines for development will be administered by the RA Design Review Board.