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RA Guidelines for Projects

Development/Redevelopment Guidelines

Reston Association is working on several fronts to develop urban design guidelines for Reston, including participation with Fairfax County and in an advisory capacity.

While the guidelines are being developed, RA is encouraging developers to reference the following materials in the process of design.

Reston Association (Regular) Design Guidelines: These guidelines, which are adopted and amended from time to time by the Board of Directors, are used by the Design Review Board when reviewing development, building and landscape plans. The following guidelines are used for development and redevelopment projects as appropriate, depending on the scope of that project:

DRB Meeting Notice Requirements: Notification requirements for development and redevelopment projects subject to the Reston Deed and Covenants have been changed to provide broader and more timely notice to the public. Click here for detailed instructions on notification requirements.

The Essential Elements of Reston: In 2010, as Reston approached its second major phase of development, the RA Board of Directors adopted a set of comments and recommendations with regard to the preservation and enhancement of Reston’s essential design and planning elements for consideration by the development community. These comments and recommendations are now known as the Essential Elements of Reston.

Healthy Community Design: As Reston becomes more urbanized, the amount of attention paid to the health of its residents must increase. Well-designed communities promote active lifestyles in part by encouraging community members to use alternative transportation to the automobile. Moreover, walkable and bikeable communities are good for business. Click here to view a seminar given by transportation planner and public health expert Mark Fenton to the Reston community on these topics. Click here to view Reston on Foot & Bicycle, a report generated by RA’s Pedestrian & Bicycling Advisory Committee on the status of Reston’s pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure network.

IPAR Development Guidelines: With the incorporation of public art in the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan, and the adoption of a public art master plan for Reston administered by the Initiative for Public Art – Reston, these guidelines are being drafted to aid the development community in the consideration and implementation of public art into their projects. When finalized, these guidelines will be made available here.

Questions for Consideration: While not every development project will impact Reston on the same scale, these questions were developed by Reston Association’s Environmental Advisory Committee for consideration for those projects that may have wide ranging impact on the Reston community and its land, water and air resources.