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Recommended Trees

Recommended Trees

Reston Association recommends a variety of trees to be planted. They are listed below. Please feel free to call us at 437-7658 for assistance with your tree selection and planting plans.

Large (taller than 50 feet)

Common Name / Scientific Name

Red Maple / Acer rubrum
River Birch / Betula nigra
American Beech/ Faqus grandifolia
American Holly / Ilex opaca
Red Cedar / Juniperus virginiana
Sweet Gum / Liquidambar styraciflua
Tuliptree / Liriodendron tulipfera
Tupelo / Nyssa sylvatica
Willow Oak / Ouercus phellos
White Oak / Quercus alba
Swamp White Oak / Quercus bicolor
Bald cypress / Taxodium distichum
American Linden / Tilia americana
Little-leaf Linden / Tillia cordata

Medium (30 to 50 feet)

Serviceberry / Amelanchier arborea
Ironwood / Carpinus caroliniana
Cigar Tree / Catalpa biqnoniodes
Eastern Redbud / Cercis canadensis
Yellowwood / Cladrastis lutea
Sweet Bay Magnolia / Magnolia virginiana
American Hophornbeam / Ostrya virginiana
Sourwood / Oxydendrum arboretum

Small (15 to 30 feet)

Shadblow Serviceberry / Amelanchier canadensis
Allegany Serviceberry / Amelanchier laevis
Ironwood / Carpinus caroliniana
Redbud / Cercis canadensis
Fringetree / Chionanthus virginicus
Witch Hazel / Hamamelis virginiana
Foster Holly / Ilex X attenuata 'Foster'
Winterberry / Ilex decidua
Sweetbay Magnolia / Magnolia virginiana
Silky Camellia/Stewartia Malacodendron