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Assessments & Fees

Assessments and Fees

NOTE: Reston Association will be transitioning to an alternative online assessment payment method that will allow members to pay their assessments electronically beginning in late January 2020. The previous two online assessment billing systems (MemberSuite and the portal on are no longer available to members. For more information or to make payments by phone, contact Members Services at 703-435-6530 or email us at Payments can also be made at our Member Services desk, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive. Those RA members who have already paid using MemberSuite will not have to resubmit their payments.


The annual assessment is due Jan. 1 of each year. To avoid late fees, payments needed to be made by March 1. If you are having problems paying your assessment online, please contact our Member Services team at 703-435-6530 or via email at If you choose to mail your payment, please address it to Reston Association, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191.


Para obtener información importante sobre la evaluación anual, llame a nuestro departamento de Servicios para Miembros al 703-435-6530.


NOTE: The biennial budget constitutes the basis for determining the assessment against each residential property owner’s lot. Only owners of residential property in Reston pay the Annual Assessment.

2020 Assessment

The 2020 annual assessment is $708 and continues to remain one of the best values around. In addition to other services and amenities, your assessment provides the following:

  • Access to 15 attractive, clean and safe outdoor swimming pools and 52 tennis courts*
  • Maintenance of 1,350 acres of open space, including four lakes covering 125 acres as well as numerous ponds and streams
  • Maintenance of 35 tot lots, 30 multi-purpose courts, 15 picnic pavilions/arbors, 22 ball fields, 31 parking lots, and 55 miles of pathways. This includes clearing the pathways of leaves and snow, and the upkeep of 107 bridges and 26 underpasses.
  • Reforestation and the planting of thousands of native plants, shrubs and trees each year
  • Free or low-cost educational and recreational programs for all ages
  • Design, maintenance and use covenants enforcement which help to protect property values

* Purchase of a Pool and Tennis Pass required to use facilities. Go to WebTrac to buy your passes online.

Fairfax County Tax Relief

The 2020 RA annual assessment is $354 on a property whose owner participates in the Fairfax County Tax Relief Program. Eligibility is based on age (over 65), total disability, and certain income criteria. If you are exempt from real estate taxation under this program, you must send to RA: 1) your $354 payment with this assessment notice by March 1, 2020; and 2) a copy of your 2020 Fairfax County qualification notice no later than July 31, 2020. For information about this county program, please call the Fairfax County Office of Assessments at 703-222-8234.

Installment Plan

Reston Association also offers an installment plan option, paid over six months. The first installment plan payment in the amount of $233 includes a one-time $25 administrative fee. The first payment is due Jan. 1, 2020, and must be paid no later than March 1, 2020.  Subsequent payments of $100 each are due on the first day of each month, April through August.

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