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Application & Review Procedures

Application & Review Procedures

What must be reviewed and approved?
The key word to remember is change. If you are planning an exterior change to your property including tree removal, that change may need to be reviewed and approved. Maintaining or refurbishing an already-approved exterior feature does not need review or approval as long as it retains its original DRB-approved design. You may want to contact RA staff to verify that the item(s) has been approved.

Does every change to property require a formal application?
Not necessarily. While changes must conform to the Design Guidelines, or cluster standards, some changes can be made without an application.

How can you know whether you need to submit an application?
The best way to get started is to contact the Reston Association Covenants Administration office at (703) 435-6530. The RA Covenants Advisors will assist by:

  • Sending you the guidelines or cluster standards that relate to your project
  • Advising you about the information you will need to provide with your application
  • Explaining how the review process works and what level of review and application will be necessary
  • Giving you an estimate of how long the review process might take for your project

What will the individual Design Guidelines tell you?
The guidelines are the best source of specific information related to your project. Each guideline states its objective/goal and gives the criteria for each type of review. The guideline also lists specific materials and information that must be included with an application.