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Application Review Process

Application Review Process

What are the types of review and how will you know which applies to your project?

The individual guidelines list the available review options, which are described below. Staff can help you decide which option describes your project. To contact your property advisor, please visit our Covenants Team & Appointments page.

No Application Required
In general terms, a Design Review Application is not required if:

  1. You are rebuilding an already DRB-approved project without making any changes;
  2. The item is not subject to design review; or
  3.  A No-Application guideline identifies the design solution you are using.

Staff Review  Staff may review your application if you follow the specific guideline that allows this option. Staff may want to visit your property, and usually your application can be reviewed in three to four days.

Staff Review with DRB Member Consultation  Applications for which there is no registered Affected Party and for which the Design Guidelines do not require review by a DRB Panel, may be reviewed by RA staff in consultation with a DRB member. Such applications are generally reviewed weekly, and the decision will be available within a week following the consultation. Notification signatures are required for this level of review.  If the property is within a Cluster Association one signature must be that of a Cluster Officer.

Review by a Panel of the DRB  Applications for which there is a registered Affected Party, and applications for which the Design Guidelines require review by the DRB, will be scheduled for review by a Panel of the DRB.   DRB Panels generally meet every Tuesday evening.  Typically, applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, two weeks prior to the Panel meeting date. Due to the limited agenda for panel meetings, it is possible that an application may have to be scheduled to a subsequent panel meeting if the agenda is already full.  Decisions are mailed out, via certified mail, one week after the meeting. Applicants and Affected Parties are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting and participate in the review of the application.

Review by the Full Design Review Board  An applicant cannot request review by the full DRB. Such review is generally held only at the request of DRB members themselves. Appeals of DRB panel decisions may be reviewed by the full DRB, at the discretion of the DRB members.