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Other Application Requirements

Other Application Requirements

What other information should I consider when making application for a change to the external appearance to my property?

Virginia Property  Commonwealth of Virginia rights-of-way are not subject to Reston’s Design Covenants.

Reston Association Common Area  Reston Association owns and cares for about 1,100 acres of Common Area. This space provides natural buffers among the residential areas and is habitat for a great variety of wildlife. The boundaries of the Association’s Common Areas are marked with posts with the Association’s name and logo. Because it is maintained in a natural state, Members are reminded not to encroach upon this land by construction, mowing, depositing lawn or landscaping trimmings or storing personal property on this space.

Shoreline Stabilization
 Because properties border the lakes owned and maintained by Reston Association, guidelines have been published to encourage shoreline stabilization that protects and enhances the natural appearance of the lake shore, and minimizes any disturbance to the shoreline environment and the ecology of the lakes. Information about shoreline stabilization is referenced in several Design Guidelines.

Fairfax County Approvals  Fairfax County administers structural codes, zoning, types of property use and regulations related to health and safety issues. The County also issues permits, inspects construction and holds bonds. The DRB only reviews architectural design and the possible impacts that such designs may have on neighboring properties. Some projects require County review and permits in addition to DRB approval. You should contact Fairfax County before beginning any work to verify what permits are required. Note: Reston Association recommends contacting Fairfax County directly as the most reliable source of information regarding building permits and related regulations.

Easements  Plans for proposed changes to properties should also accommodate any easements on the property. Utility companies have the right of easement for the underground installation, replacement and maintenance of their equipment, supply and transmission lines and drainage facilities, including ingress and egress for such purposes.

Provided no other reasonable access is available, Reston Association has the right of easement for ingress and egress for the repair and maintenance of the Common Area and for enforcement of the provisions of the Reston Deed of Dedication. Reston Association must give timely notification to the owner before entering the property, except in an emergency.

Reston Association is not responsible for identifying any easement held by other agencies or organizations (such as utility companies) or any restrictions placed upon those easements. Property owners should consult their own property deed and site plan for easements which might affect a planned addition or alteration.