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Recreational & RA Property

Recreational & RA Property

The principles and objectives of the design criteria and the need for architectural harmony within the context of the whole community apply to multifamily, commercial property and public facilities as well as individual residential properties. Specific Design Guidelines exist for apartment complexes, condominiums, cooperatives, village centers, convenience centers, churches, schools, community buildings, office complexes, medical facilities, governmental buildings and RA property.

Owners and agents of these types of properties are required to follow the design review application process when considering alterations or additions.

In addition, all new construction on Reston properties which are subject to the RA covenants must be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Board. Specific guidelines have been provided by the DRB to assist builders, developers and their design staff in preparing their projects for review.

The Design Guidelines for many common types of alterations are available through RA. If there is no specific guideline for the proposed alteration, staff will assist the property owner in identifying a residential guideline that applies to the project.