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Design Review Overview

Design Review

One of the advantages to owning a Reston home is the Design Covenants included in the Reston Deed of Dedication. When property is purchased, buyers agree to comply with these and other covenants thereby agreeing to maintain the design standard established for Reston. 

The Design Covenants along with the Design Guidelines which are established by the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB) and approved by the Association’s Board of Directors foster and preserve an aesthetic balance among the variety of residential, public use, commercial and recreational properties in the community.

The objectives of the Design Covenants are:

  • To promote those qualities in the environment which bring value to the property.
  • To foster the attractiveness and functional utility of the community as a place to live, including a harmonious relationship among structures, vegetation, and topography.

For more than 40 years, Reston properties have retained their beauty and usefulness because property owners participate in the design review process. 

In a three-part partnership, sharing equal responsibility while performing different roles brings together the property owners, the DRB, and Association Staff who make the Design Review process possible and successful.

  1. The DRB makes decisions involving the Design Covenants, and develops the Design Guidelines and review system. The DRB is made up of nine Reston Association Members; six of whom are design professionals and three are non-architects or “lay members”. These Member volunteers define the design standards for the community and offer their professional expertise and assistance to help property owners achieve these standards. The Design Guidelines and the design review system are venues for professional oversight, guidance and assistance in identifying design solutions for property owners who desire to make exterior changes to their property.
  2. The Reston Association performs the day-to-day operational activities related to administering the Design Covenants, including enforcement, and coordination of the property owner participation in the design review process.
  3. Reston Property Owners complete the partnership by actively participating in the process with the DRB and RA. By planning ahead for exterior changes to their property, owners take part in the review process, and uphold and contribute to Reston's high aesthetic standards.

You may contact your advisor about inquiries regarding exterior changes to your property. A link to advisors' names and phone numbers is located in the right column on the Covenants Team & Appointments page.

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